Awards and Scholarships

Awards boost the confidence of a child whereas scholarships reduce the financial burden of parents. An achievement in academic or non-academic field must be awarded through scholarships or awards. It’s an opportunity for the students to earn an identity in society/institution through their hard work. If school/teacher awards a student for his behaviour or for performance in exams, automatically an encouragement evolves to perform better. Scholarships also motivate students to score high in exams so that financial benefit in terms of scholarships can be reaped.


The Challenge

Families belong to low income group face umpteen difficulties in paying high fees of schools and colleges offering quality education. Neither the parents nor the students could pay high fees as the economic condition is not so good. We also know that our society is already fragmented into different sections and castes which only make the things difficult for us. There are societal and caste discrimination problems in our society which are to be dealt with stiffness. Moreover, there are certain distant places which are still not connected with transportation facilities due to which geographical barriers have taken a big shape. Awards and scholarships are one of the methods which could be used to overcome these problems.

The Opportunity

Opportunity can be defined in two ways i.e. when an institute awards a candidate it’s an opportunity for institute to earn recognition in education society by giving an award to student and when a student gets an award for his excellence, it’s an opportunity for him to earn identity. But with no doubt, it is a big opportunity for all those students who really want to lift the benefits of awards and scholarships.

Areas of Work

Need to develop new yardsticks, keeping in mind the competition prevailing in the education society. The restructuring of scholarship benefits needs to be reviewed as well as the methods to shortlist the candidates for it. Impartial and transparent methods need to be used to shortlist the candidates for awards and scholarships.

Our Strategy

Ram Bajaj Foundation has formulated few strategies to promote education for the betterment of students especially economically deprived section of society. Ram Bajaj Foundation plans to distribute various scholarships to students (both on the merits basis and financial background). Ram Bajaj Foundation will be conducting mock tests and cash awards will be given to the top performers of these Career Assessment Mock Test. Other than this Ram Bajaj Foundation will also be distributing scholarships under the name of program ‘Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan’ to students belong to economically weaker section of society for pursuing higher studies. One initiative of Ram Bajaj Foundation is to provide information to students who belong to other schools through calls or e-mails in regard with different scholarships offered by the Ram Bajaj Foundation, other private bodies, government bodies, corporates and universities.