Career Awareness Program

Career Awareness Program (CAP) is helpful for the students to attain the information related to the courses prevailing in the market. CAP helps students to take decision in selecting a particular course from the numerous available courses. It is true that after attaining detailed information of various courses one can make a wise and informed decision for his/her career. Selection of wrong course may result in digression of goal which may have the repercussions on student’s career as well as life. Every student should take the benefit of CAP, and with the help of experienced counsellors, one can opts the right choice.


The Challenges

The first challenge which every student has to face is the lack of guidance in selecting a particular course. Due to scanty information related to the courses available in the market, students as well as parents fail to muster the confidence to take decision wisely. It is also seen that many students opt those courses which are prevailing in the market but have limited scope when it comes to quest a job related to that particular course. It is seen that sometimes the students choose a course because someone has sold the course well.

Due to plethora of courses, it is also noticed that many students are unable to select the right course due to lack of guidance and proper counselling. One should understand before choosing any particular course, the scope of that course/degree should be assessed in advance and its requirement in future.

The Opportunity

There are certain counsellors who are capable to provide proper counselling to the students seeking information related to various courses available in the market. Students should always take the benefit of counsellors before selecting a particular course and its curriculum to know the benefits of it.

After getting an in-depth knowledge of the course, students can take their decision independently without having any duress of parents. There are few courses available which are job oriented and industry specific, and institutes who offer these courses also help students in getting a job through campus placements. One needs to find the coveted courses, which are in demand by the industry and can provide job instantly after completion of the course.

Areas of Work  

Many a time, students take wrong decision and repent on it after a year or on completion of course. Parents too are unaware of the courses available and feel helpless to support or guide their child. One must understand that rather than repenting on decision, it’s better to change the course/decision after a month or so.

Institutes should also show laxity, in case, if a student wants to switch from one course to another.

Our Strategy   

As per commitment of Ram Bajaj Foundation, we are bound to provide information, related to the programs/courses available in the market, through seminars and workshops to students. Our target is to make students capable in taking their decision independently in an informed manner. Regular counselling to students as well to parents would develop a confidence while taking a decision in choosing a particular course. With the help of industry experts, the focus would also be given on future demand of the course. Our website also provides updated information and student could fix an appointment with our counsellors to have one-to-one interaction through online chat/call/video call.