Institutional Building

There is a need to build institutions where quality education can be imparted impartially regardless of creed, caste or religion of student. Institutions equipped with libraries, computer labs and research facilities attract students which also help institutions attaining recognition among the educationists and students. The practices followed by the institution to educate students make institution unique from others. On the contrary, it has also been observed that due to lack of infrastructural facilities many students hesitate to take admission even in distinguished institutes.

The Challenges

Lack of quality education is an obstacle which hampers the growth of institution in expanding the wings of education. Infrastructural amenities also prohibit students and compel them to ruminate over the decision to take admission in any dignified institute.

Due to dearth of funds and non-availability of latest technology the graph of growth is also toppling day by day. Paucity of good faculty and versatile teachers thwarts the efforts of institution in earning goodwill in the education society which only puts a stigma on institution.

Only erection of building shouldn’t be considered as building institution. Refurbishing of dilapidated buildings may help in restoring the trust of student that the funds are being utilized properly. Although, high fees has always been a grave concern for students as well as parents. But the most important thing is to revive the estranged relationship of student and teacher, as the communication gap is increasing day by day and the viaduct of trust has already been crumbled.

The Opportunity

Need to set new paradigms by superseding the outdated strategies and policies with the new one to revamp the entire education system. To compete with other developed institutions globally, need to set benchmarks to attain the zenith of quality education. Institutions providing pacific environment also help students to concentrate on their studies which motivate them to learn more.

By establishing new principles the confidence of students and parents can be regained, if, the efficacious results could be attained out of it. The lost relation of teacher and student can be retied with a rope of trust where students from different origins at one institution also bring different ideas.

Areas of Work

To keep pace with the global education standard we need to benchmark the best practices and strategies of ‘Globally acclaimed Universities’.

Benchmarking the global standard coupled with latest technology will give students a learning environment of international standards.

Our Strategy

Ram Bajaj Foundation has established RNB GLOBAL UNIVERSITY in the suburb of Bikaner, Rajasthan. The sole aim of foundation is to enable the people of deprived section of society to attain world class education at minimal cost. Although, the doors are open for every section of society regardless of caste, creed or religion.

RNB Global University is approved by Government of Rajasthan vide their LOI No. F.3 (24) Edu.4/2010 dated 17th December, 2012 and all compliances under the said LOI are complete and verified by the State Government with Act of the university under formation. The campus of the university is proposed to be spread in 300 acres and about three hundred thousand square feet of modern and state-of- the-art built up area is ready for academic and administrative purposes. The University’s networking system is powered by Hewlett Packard (HP), Air Conditioning is powered by Daikin and Firefighting by Ceasefire. These partnerships with market leaders in their respective fields establish our commitment towards making this University the best place to impart education.

The university is set up after keeping international standards of education industry as a benchmark. Latest courses with job oriented programmes would also help students to quest jobs easily. Personality development classes for students to imbibe the qualities of communication skills, group discussions, interviews and seminars would make them capable to compete globally.

Special attention is also been given to teachers through Faculty Development program which will provide an environment of learning & holistic developing at all levels.