NITI Aayog – New Planning body of India 2015

NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) will replace the Planning Commission which was established in 1950. The P.M. will be the Chairperson of the Panel. NITI Aayog will have a Governing Council comprising of all State C.M.’s and Lieutenant Governors.

The government thinks that the planning commission was no longer relevant since it was set up when India was an underdeveloped economy and is now emerging as one of the World’s Largest Economies.

The primary job of this new body will be to advise the government on social & economic issues. It will comprise of a Vice Chairperson and a Chief Executive Officer, besides six to eight members and two part time members from universities and research organisations, on a rotational basis. It will have regional councils chaired either by the P.M. himself or his nominee and will have Domain Experts and Special Invitees.

In my view, more number of technical experts should be members of this NITI Aayog.

The new panel’s role or whether the five year plan approach would continue – was not specified. The government however has said that these issues will be resolved before the members to the panel are nominated. Now that the government have achieved its aim to replace the Planning Commission, the new NITI Aayog should act fast to achieve its goal. It should not be against the federal structure of the country and should not give more powers to North Block of the Finance Ministry.

Do you think that this NITI Aayog will be an effective way to bring about socio-economic improvement of the country?

Will NITI Aayog change the scenario of this new modern era?

Will NITI Aayog function effectively with such less number of experts?

It has been seven months since Narendra Modi was sworn in as India’s 15th P.M. and he clearly retains the confidence and goodwill of the poor & middle class of the country. The Year 2015 will be a year for the B.J.P. & The P.M. to challenge the conventional method of governing the country. It will be a make or break year for the Modi to push his ambitious economic development agenda “Sabka Saath – Sabka Vikas” and “Acche Din Aayenge”

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