Ram Bajaj Foundation (RBF)’s campaign “Shiksha ki Unchi Udaan”, under Student Development Program takes off on a positive note in Churu

Ram Bajaj Foundation started its student development sessions in Rajasthan from Churu under the campaign – ”

Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan” (The Long flight of Education) in two schools – Shri. Jain Bal Vihar and Shri. Jain Ucch Vidyalaya.

This noble initiative -

Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan - is taken up by foundation with a view to empower students by imbibing the qualities of decision making, self-confidence and good communication skills in smaller districts and cities of Rajasthan. The foundation is involved in taking many such initiatives in field of education at various levels and fields.

This campaign’s representative presented student development programs and a motivational lecture to around more than 600 students in Hindi and English language through interesting audio visual presentations. The students, faculty and principal were extremely happy.

Mrs. Vijaylaxmi, Principal, Shri. Jain Bal Vihar, said, “the program was very informative. The students were happy to receive such information and we are interested in having more such session.”

Mr. P. S. Rathore, Principal, Shri. Jain Uchh Vidyalaya also appreciated the campaign, “The students are very interested and we want to introduce more interesting facts use this campaign.”

Dr. Ram Bajaj said, “We are glad to introduce such session and we would like students to take full advantage and clear their doubts about their development. We hope this initiative to show them the right opportunities for skill development.”

The activity is an on-going activity in Rajasthan, especially in smaller districts, like Naguar, Hanumangarh, Churu and will be creating impact to foster education, skill development and career awareness to such districts.

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