Student Development Program

Student Development Program (SDP) is one of the programs developed by Ram Bajaj Foundation with a view to empower students by imbibing the qualities of decision making, self-confidence and good communication skills. Communication skills along with self –learning qualities not only make student perfect but also teach them to control the unmanageable situations on their own. The program is crucial in nurturing the overall mental and physical growth of student. By virtue of leadership qualities managerial skills can also be developed which make students more pragmatic in real life. The benefits of SDP produce those skills which are required to vanquish the global challenges.

The Challenges

There are uncountable challenges which obstruct the growth of a child. Communication skills and lack of confidence are among the major one. Due to lack of communication skills many students fail to express their views in an articulated manner.

It is also observed that during group discussions many students fumble or stagger which result in break of confidence. Due to failure, many students indulge themselves into drug addictions without knowing the lethal consequences of it.

The trust deficit between students and teachers is also a matter of concern. It is seen and researched that learning in classroom is not sufficient enough for overall development of a child. Sometimes, impartial teaching also sprouts discrimination among students, which derail students from the path of education and must be taken care warily, both by the parents as well as by the authority of educational institute.

The Opportunity

There is a huge opportunity in SDP program where learners can be transformed into leaders. Through personality development classes a ray of hope can be ignited among the students about their future. By instilling values and ethics, overall development can also be achieved.

Areas of Work  

Development of communication skills along with leadership qualities are in the first priority of SDP. Motivational speeches given by intellectuals may encourage students to abandon addictions like drugs, smoking and alcohol. Rigorous training needs to be given to the students to deal with depression arisen due to failure of work.

Our Strategy

Ram Bajaj foundation has taken this challenge and decided to conduct personality development classes for class 11th and 12th students along with their regular curriculum. Mock tests, online counselling and webinars are few of the tools through which the program can be made successful.