The Genesis

Inspired by work of legendary social worker Late Seth Shri Jagannathji Bajaj, RNB Group has been involved in various charitable activities since its inception. In order to carry forward this legacy forever the group established Ram Bajaj Foundation on occasion of the release of “Special Cover and Cancellation” on Seth Jagannathji Bajaj by Government of India in  honour of the tremendous work done by him for upliftment and welfare of the weaker sections of the society also considered to be one of the highest civilian honours. The foundation mainly focuses on social transformation through the gateway of education and agriculture.

Ram Bajaj Foundation is established primarily for the overall development of the society making special emphasis on the betterment of the financially backward people, imparting education to the different classes of the society and to make them self-established in the field of entrepreneurship. For decades, education has been a platform where pyramids of success have been erected by the intellectuals of different origins. The worth of education cannot be counted in money. The enormous transition in the society has compelled us to think beyond the existing policies and strategies to revamp the crippled system of imparting education in India.Ram Bajaj Foundation aims at self-employment of youth, catering to the needs of development and betterment of the locality and area they have been brought up in, and imparting them an exposure to deliver as per the need of global employment.

In order to achieve its aim the group formed two not-for-profit entities viz.

  1. Ram Bajaj Foundation (RBF) – a Section 25 Company registered under Companies Act which focuses on welfare and upliftment programs for students of all sections of the society
  2. Ram Bajaj Foundation Society (RBFS) for establishment of world class, modern and state of art institutions.